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The ABC’s of Zoning

Recently, a friend posed a question to me  regarding whether a municipality ordinance prohibiting the sale of liquor within a certain distance of residence, schools, playgrounds, and churches may exceed the State’s statute. S.C. Code 61-6-120 provides as follows “The department shall not grant or issue any licenses.. . if the place of business is within […]

Vested Reprieve

Vested Reprieve for Developers ~Erika V. Harrison~ May 26, 2010~ On March 19, 2010, Governor Mark Sanford provided a reprieve for developers when he signed House Bill 4445 (“H4445”), a joint resolution suspending the two year limit of the Vested Rights Act until December 31, 2012. (attached to this e-mail is a copy) Prior to […]

Mixed Use Zoning Ordinance

Enhancing affordable housing and reducing stress on homeowners and small developers.  The City of Charleston is adopting a New Mixed Use Zoning Ordinance. This ordinance promotes affordable and re-adapative uses for individual homeowners seeking to generate income from their property to reduce the financial stress and obligations of mortgages.  Also, it provides an opportunity  for […]