Business Formation & Litigation

The Law Office of Erika V. Harrison is dedicated to guiding and representing individuals and commercial clients through today’s increasingly complicated business environment. Business relationships are grounded on contracts. We can help when a client does not see eye to eye with another party to the contract, whether the dispute is because of a service contract with a primary vendor, an output contract with a key supplier, a sales contract with an important customer, or any other kind of written or oral agreement. This firm has the knowledge and seasoned expertise to provide superior service to its commercial clients in the following matters.

Business Formation:

Our firm assists individuals starting up their companies, with the essential tools necessary in starting a business, from filing the appropriate documents with Secretary of State, trademark and copyrights to preparing By-Laws, Operating Agreements, and Licensing Agreements.

Business Torts:

The firms represented Businesses in areas including trade dress infringement, interference with contractual or economic relations, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and misrepresentation, unfair and deceptive trade practices and other conduct or claims that affect the success of a business.

Insurance Defense:

This firm handles all types of defense for which insurance is available.


Accountants, architects, engineers, doctors and lawyers all face the risk of malpractice claims that can jeopardize business, reputation and finances. We fully understand all that is involved–legally, practically and emotionally–in these types of actions.